Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabin Shell Kits-Low Cost, High Quality Cabins! Buy Your Cabin Shell Kit NOW! A PRICE INCREASE is coming very soon.

Quality cabin shell kits, great low prices! FINANCING AVAILABLE-NO CREDIT CHECK!! For less than you paid for your car/truck, you can own a new cabin kit. Easy to install over 3 or 4 days, you and 1 or 2 friends without any construction experience can have a dried in cabin. You decide when to finish it out, right away or as you have extra time and money. You're in control and by "Doing It Yourself", you can Save a Lot of Money. Get what you need NOW, with these LOW PRICES, something you dreamed about having in the future can be yours NOW! If you are not a "DIYer" then we can refer you to someone who can put your shell kit together for you. Then you can hire or enlist friends or relatives to help in completing your project. Where there's a will there's a way. We provide the low cost, quality way, you provide the will. Imagine having a paid for cabin! Wouldn't that take a lot of financial stress out of your life? Call us at 713 501-2451 or visit us at 15920 FM 2920 Tomball, TX 77377. We are 2 miles west of Hwy 249 and just east of Telge Rd. Come and see our Mini-Cabin Model!!
Chalet 24'x36'
includes covered porch and 12'x17' large loft with stairs 864 sqft plus loft $17,860 Kit

Mini-Cabin 24'x24' includes 6'x24' covered porch $10,950 Kit
Cabin 30'x30' without porch 900 sqft $11,950 Kit with 6'x30' covered porch $13,150 Kit

Cottage 16'x32' with loft 512 sqft plus loft covered porch $14,400 Kit
House Style 24'x52' 1248 sqft 3 bdrm 2 bath vaulted ceilings, w/platform & interior walls $21,950 Kit
****All of the above buildings can be enlarged by adding optional 4' increment wall panel extensions to make it as big as you want. Build it on concrete blocks, conventional slab, pier & beam or pylons. It's SOOO Easy!
Unbelievably Fantastic Deals! Financing Available! NO CREDIT CHECK ! Call 713 501-2451. More Questions? Email us at .


  1. Cabin Shell Kits is no longer in business. Due to the national and local economy we had to close our office/model. God Bless!

    For more information on our Cabin Kits, go to:
    phone: 936 685-2701 or 936 933-1004
    Tell them Woody referred you. Thanks.

  2. Need a plumber to help you add more convenience to your shell cabin? Call Click's Plumbing today for a quote. 713-931-6447 or visit our site at